5 Benefits of Wedding Venues with Accommodation

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wedding venues with accommodation

There is so much to consider when choosing a wedding venue and often the matter of accommodation is overlooked.

Many of your guests will need to arrange somewhere to stay on the night of your wedding, and choosing a venue with accommodation makes this much simpler for everyone.

1. Your guests don’t have to worry about getting home

Wedding venues with accommodation give your guests the opportunity to let their hair down in the knowledge that their room for the night is only a flight of stairs or so away.

Your guests can really relax and enjoy your reception (especially if there are a few drinks involved!).

2. If you book out all the rooms, you’ll have the venue to yourselves

Your wedding is a private and personal occasion. If you book out all the rooms in the venue, you’re likely to have the whole place to yourselves for the day.

3. You can bargain with the venue for deals on their rooms

You’re spending a lot of money on your wedding venue and therefore probably in a good position to try to strike a bargain on their rooms!

4. You can spend more time with your guests

Not needing to travel to get to their accommodation after your reception means your guests are likely to stay later to enjoy the celebrations.

Additionally, you’ll be able to enjoy breakfast with all your friends and family.

5. Most importantly, your own accommodation as newlyweds is sorted!

Weddings can be stressful. By choosing a wedding venue with accommodation, your room for the night is easy to organise. You don’t need to worry about finding somewhere else to stay or organising travel.

Wedding venues with accommodation such as the Little Silver Country Hotel offer a relaxing place for you and your guests to stay. We have a number of high-end rooms, including the exquisite bridal suite. If you’re looking for a country hotel wedding venue with accommodation, contact us today to find out more.