5 Tips For Tackling Your Table Plan

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It’s your wedding day and you want nothing more than to share your special day with family and friends. But what happens when it’s time to decide where everyone’s sitting? Table plans are notoriously tricky but you don’t need to let yours ruin your big day.

1) Start Simple

Sit down with your partner and group your guests into obvious groups. A good starting point is to choose whether you want to categorise guests by age group or by family.

2) Don’t Think Too Much

After your initial grouping of guests, work out how many tables you are going to need and start assigning guests to each table. You could consider further categorising your groups: for example, ‘School Friends’, ‘Work friends’ and ‘Wider Family’. Many groups should naturally fit together without much thought.

3) Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help

Talk to some close friends and family and ask for their opinions on your table plan. They may be able to provide a fresh prospective or an idea to solve the placing of any tricky guests!

4) Don’t Try To Please Everyone

You don’t want your table plan to cause the decade’s biggest family feud, but at the end of the day you’re not going to be able to make everyone happy. Go with your gut instincts on who should sit where and you’re unlikely to go too wrong. It’s your wedding day – don’t make it too stressful for yourselves.

5) Don’t be afraid to start again

If the table plan is not working or something really isn’t right, don’t be afraid to ditch your current plan and start again from scratch! Sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective.

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