TripAdvisor? Is it worth it?

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By February 2014, worldwide 150 million reviews had been posted on TripAdvisor, a 50% increase year on year.  A recent survey in America found that 77% of those planning a trip said they trusted online guest reviews.  What’s more, many said that they would share their experiences and opinions of their stay on social media.  So here at Little Silver Country Hotel we recognise the importance of our guests reviews.

As we end 2014, we are very proud to tell everyone we are the number 1 of 193 hotels in Kent on TripAdvisor reviews.  These reviews are left by our guests; it is what they feel about Little Silver and the quality of service we give as well as the excellent food we supply.  We are top TripAdvisor hotel in Kent and we have every intention to remain in the number 1 position in 2015.  What is really pleasing is the variety of excellent comments we get from our guests, whether they are here for a wedding, family events, visitors to Kent, business men and women or those who have attended conferences and meetings.

Behind the Scenes

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We have introduced the front of house staff to you in a previous blog but now is the time to introduce the people who cook all the food in the hotel- the chefs.

When I first started at the hotel we had one chef who did all of the main cooking with someone else helping him out with breakfast. Fast forward nearly fifteen years and with the increase in functions and guests staying that number has now risen to three chefs.

The head chef Darren was first employed as a Sous Chef over 10 years ago but when his then Head Chef moved on he was promoted into that role and has helped improve and develop the business by coming up with imaginative yet original menu ideas. Darren has used his skills to help train his other chefs in the kitchen to ensure that the no matter who is cooking that the quality of the food always remains the same.

How to find the perfect Kent wedding venue

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Aside from deciding who you’re going to marry, choosing your perfect Kent wedding venue is probably the biggest decision you’ll make concerning your day and has a huge impact on what your service will look and feel like.

While Kent is a beautiful location in which to have your wedding not all venues are made equal, and a venue that is suitable for one couple might be deeply unsuitable for another on a number of points. The key to finding the perfect wedding venue is to understand what you and your partner’s priorities are and then focusing on achieving those, even if this means making some concessions in other areas.

Luxury Wedding Venues in Kent

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Your Kent wedding day will (most probably…) be one of the best days of your life. Well hopefully both sets of family and friends will mingle well and ensure your happy day goes off with a bang and signifies the start of a wonderful journey together as a married couple.

One way to set the seal of happiness on your wedding day and create the most intimate memories is to ensure the special date is celebrated in style. Some luxury wedding venues in Kent include…

Introducing the Team

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front of house team little silver

Hopefully most of you have met our front of house team. These are the people that you will see and interact with on a daily basis whether it is to book a room, make an enquiry or to ask questions about your upcoming wedding day.

One of the great features of the hotel is the longevity of our staff. The majority of the staff have been with us over five years – this for any business is a feat in itself. But it also shows our guests what a wonderful and enjoyable place The Little Silver is to work. Everyone in our team is trained (or being trained) in all aspects of the hotel. This means they are able to give prompt and accurate answers to customers’ questions. On the off chance that we cannot cannot give you an immediate answer, we endeavour to get the appropriate person to phone you back as soon as possible.

So let’s talk about the team…

Choosing a Venue for Your Kent Wedding

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When planning for your Kent wedding, one of the most important decisions you will make is choosing your wedding venue. The venue will set the tone for your big day and will serve as the backdrop for the wedding pictures you will be looking at for years to come. Asking these questions while visiting potential venues will help you make sure that you pick the right location.

How Many Guests Can the Venue Hold?

Before you visit wedding venues, you need to know the number guests that will be attending your wedding. This will prevent you from needing to trim people off your guest list because your venue cannot accommodate enough people. On the other hand, holding a wedding for 30 guests in a large hall designed for over 300 can make it feel empty. Ideally, you want to select a venue that can host the number of guests you need and a few extra to accommodate last minute invites and “plus ones”.

What Supplies Are Included?

Many wedding venues offer tables, chairs, linens, and other supplies for their wedding parties to use.

Wedding Venues in Kent UK

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When choosing a wedding venue in Kent, it is best to start by considering what type of wedding you want to have.  If you are dreaming of an outdoor wedding, there are a ton of great location types to choose from.

Fantasy outdoor wedding

If your theme is a fantasy outdoor wedding, you can choose form one of the beautiful, grandiose castles around the Kent area. If nature is what describes you, you can get married on the outdoor lawn of one of the beautiful and stately country clubs in the area or choose one of the areas picturesque parks or farms.  If the season of your wedding commands an indoor venue, there are many options to choose from to accommodate that as well.  You could choose from one of the beautiful country homes or manors in the area.  You could also try to reserve one of the local arts centres or stadiums depending on the size of your wedding.  If a formal setting is your goal, there are restored chapels in the areas that accommodate weddings and receptions.

Searching For Beautiful Wedding Venues

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Most couples dream of booking spaces in beautiful wedding venues. Not only will these locations allow them to catch truly breathtaking photos of their nuptials, but they are certain to impress each and every guest.  If you’ve been searching for your dream site, however, there are a number of very practical considerations that you must make in order to ensure that every guest is properly accommodated and that your special day is both seamless and hassle-free.

Accommodating Out-Of-Town Guests

Not every attendee is guaranteed to live nearby and thus, it is a great idea to choose a venue that provides adequate accommodation for these individuals on-site.  This will minimise their travel time and make it easier for you to ensure that key people are accounted for.

Welcome to the Little Silver Country Hotel

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Our beautiful hotel is located in the heart of Kent; a few miles from Tenterden. The hotel makes an ideal Kent wedding venue, with its sweeping gravel drive and enchanting facade.

There are several wedding packages to suit including a garden pavilion for those glorious English summers (or winters for the brave!).