Environmental Policy

At Little Silver Country Hotel and Oaks Restaurant we are committed to carrying out business in a responsible manner, with due regard to the environment and local surroundings.

Currently active policies include:

  • Recycling of glass bottles and cardboard
  • Using watering cans rather than sprinklers to water the garden
  • We are constantly improving our insulation system in order to reduce the amount of heat energy lost unnecessarily
  • Actively monitoring the temperature inside the hotel and turning off radiators in rooms that are not in use
  • Replaced all light bulbs with energy saving bulbs
  • Encouraging guests to reuse towels where possible to save on laundering
  • Any laundry completed in house is washed at 30°c and then hung out to dry when possible, thus reducing the use of tumble dryers
  • Chefs aim to buy produce from local suppliers, thus reducing our carbon footprint
  • Only allowing the use of bio-degradable confetti in the hotel grounds
  • Creation of a compost heap to dispose of garden waste and green waste from the kitchen
  • In the winter we use wood collected from the hotel grounds and staff gardens to light a fire in the lounge so that the heating can be reduced in that area
  • We have installed sensors in corridors and toilets used by the public so that the lights turn on when these areas are in use and then turn off again afterwards. This then reduces the amount of energy wasted by people leaving lights turned on unnecessarily

In the future Little Silver Country Hotel will strive to continue improvements made by implementing the following:

  • Installation of solar panels on the roof of our function hall for use in heating water, this will reduce the amount of energy used by the immersion heater
  • Installation of water butts in the grounds for use in watering the garden
  • Encourage staff to turn off computer screens when not in use
  • Encourage guests and staff not to leave televisions and other electrical items on stand-by
  • Introduce a paper recycling scheme

It is now the responsibility of the Duty Manager to ensure that this policy is being upheld on a daily basis. The Mangement carries out training with all the hotel staff on the importance of this policy and what they can do to make sure that it is upheld.

Little Silver Country Hotel is proud to constantly monitor the improvements we have made as well as looking for new ways to help the environment.

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