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Our Team

Hopefully most of you have met our front of house team. These are the people that you will see and interact with on a daily basis whether it is to book a room, make an enquiry or to ask questions about your upcoming wedding day.

One of the great features of the hotel is the longevity of our staff. The majority of the staff have been with us over five years – this for any business is a feat in itself. But it also shows our guests what a wonderful and enjoyable place The Little Silver is to work. Everyone in our team is trained (or being trained) in all aspects of the hotel. This means they are able to give prompt and accurate answers to customers’ questions. On the off chance that we cannot cannot give you an immediate answer, we endeavour to get the appropriate person to phone you back as soon as possible.

So let’s talk about the team…

Oliver and Christine Johnston

The proprietors of The Little Silver, Olly and Chris have owned the hotel since 1999. At this point, the hospitality industry was to a certain extent a complete unknown to them. They sacrificed a lot to make the hotel what it is today – this didn’t happen overnight. They envisioned expanding the hotel and developing it into the beautiful place it is today. This took a lot of hard work, including:

  • adding 6 more bedrooms
  • building the gazebo
  • building the orangery
  • turning the old restaurant in to a kitchen
  • extending the function room Kent Hall
  • two cycles of renovations for every bedroom

Both Olly and Chris are still as active in the hotel as ever. Chris deals with the more ‘behind the scenes’ aspects of running the hotel; Olly has more of a hands-on, customer facing role.

“Olly lives and breathes Little Silver. He is probably one of the most dedicated people I know and someone who I have a lot of respect for in the industry.”

Russell Tickner

Russell is the General Manager of the hotel and has been working with us for nearly half his life. He started his career in the hotel as a waiter, and worked his way up in the industry. Russell has completed a wealth of training: he has an NVQ 2, an NVQ 3 and has recently been the first person in the country to complete an NVQ 4 in hospitality. His training and experience across all departments of the hotel makes Russell a very knowledgable General Manager. He is very happy to help out with all areas of the hotel and with any customers’ queries.

Charli Luke

Charli is the Manager of the hotel, working alongside Russell. She has been working with us since 2006 (originally intending to stay with us for no longer than 6 months!). Luckily for the hotel, she enjoys her work and decided to stay on. She has become one of the very best at what she does. Charli has an enthusiasm for her job which you can’t teach – she greets everyone with a smile and is fantastic with all our customers. She has developed an incredible knowledge of the industry through her experience and qualifications; she will soon be starting her NVQ4. Charli is an integral part of the Little Silver and its reputation.

What makes The Little Silver stand out in its industry is the enthusiasm and dedication of every single member of staff. The hotel would not be what is it today without them.