Self catering wedding venues

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Self catering wedding venues

Are you considering self catering wedding venues?

Self catering wedding venues – if you’re looking for the freedom of being able to choose from a variety self catering  wedding venue and a caterer without having to compromise on either one, a self catering wedding venue could be the one for you. There are lots of options available and it means you can choose something special to really set off your big day.

Village Hall Wedding Venues

Village halls are an ideal choice for a self catering wedding venue: they could save you thousands in venue costs and leave you with a bit of extra money in the budget to choose some excellent catering. It also leaves you with a lot of choice food-wise. Fancy a hog roast? An easy way to feed a lot of people with minimum fuss. Finger buffet? Suits all diets and lets your guests help themselves!

Marquee Wedding Venues

There is a wide range of marquees available to hire, and they provide you with a blank canvas on which to create your perfect wedding. They also offer the same flexibility in catering options as village halls, allowing you to choose catering to complement your wedding. A beautifully decorated marquee would work effortlessly with an afternoon tea theme: think bunting, vintage china and finger sandwiches.

Self catering wedding venues may seem like the perfect way to cut some costs from your wedding, but do think about the logistics – you want to be able to relax and enjoy your day. If the stress of self catering wedding venues is one you don’t want, consider the Little Silver Country Hotel. With our wide choice of packages and menu options, we do all the hard work for you so that you can enjoy first class treatment on your wedding day. Speak to one of our friendly members of staff to find out more.