How to Stick to Your Wedding Budget

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Almost every couple planning a wedding has a budget of some sort. Here are a few tips on how to plan a wedding budget and – more importantly – how to stick to it.

Start how you mean to go on

It’s important to know exactly what your budget is before you start planning. Work out what you can afford and think about your savings.

Remember that many vendors will ask to be paid well in advance of the wedding. Even if you think you can save a certain amount by your wedding date, you’re likely to need the money far earlier than that.

If you have generous family members who are willing to contribute to your wedding, remember to take this into account too.

When you know how much money you have in total, allocate mini-budgets across the different aspects of your wedding, such as venue, catering and wedding attire.

Make room in your budget for the unexpected

No matter how thoroughly you plan your budget, there are likely to be costs that you’ve not considered.

Use Google, Pinterest and magazines to research wedding budgets and help you form as comprehensive a budget as possible.

Prepare to be flexible

You’ve distributed your budget across your various wedding expenditures based on how you think you’ll spend it. However, you’re very unlikely to stick to this hard and fast.

Be prepared to shift your budget around depending on your actual spends.

For example, if you want a wedding dress that’s over budget, simply tweak your allocations and reduce the budget for something else, such as your wedding bouquet or shoes.

Remember what’s important

As the stress starts to build up, it can seem like the end of the world if you can’t afford your dream flowers or gourmet caterers.

Remember why you’re getting married. At the end of the day, the little things won’t matter.

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